Seiko quality Craftsmanship

Focus on the production of electrode sheet production equipment, etc.



Covers various types of electrode pads and production equipment

Quality with ingenuityAccurately grasp the demand, special components create value


It is produced in a highly clean production workshop and is safe to use without pollution.

More reasonable

Specially tailored for users, allowing you to use equipment products more reasonably and worry-free.

High precision

The dimensional accuracy strictly meets the requirements of the drawings and highly matches the equipment.


The structure design is reasonable, the assembly is ideal, the use is convenient and the efficiency is high.

Recognize with strength

Years of experience in making electrode pads Independent research and development, quality assurance

Xiamen Junsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures various types of medical devices such as ECG electrode strips, buckle type physiotherapy electrodes, etc.

Strong production capacity Fast delivery and timely delivery

The company has advanced production and processing equipment, and has obtained a number of equipment, technical innovation, practical and invention patents

Rich R&D experience Excellent quality, safe and secure

It has a clean production workshop and passed relevant quality management certification to reduce processing pollution sources.

Support comprehensive and more intimate Good service and worry-free cooperation

Customization for special needs Support customized for users, fully cooperate with the real needs of users.



Xiamen Junsheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures various ECG electrodes, wire, buckle-type physiotherapy electrodes, intelligent medical stickers, single and bipolar neutral plates, medical dressing stickers, and sterile culture dishes Automatic placement of cloth, glue coating machine, laminating machine, slitting machine, round die cutting machine, various large......

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